William P. Callahan

Nixon Tapes The Most Infamous Political Case In The History Of America

There are countless tapes available in the market that date back to the old and classic times. But Nixon tapes have their own significance. They have a prominent place in American history.

America has a strong history of politics. With a count of 45 presidents to date, it represents one of the strongest and most stable economies. However, there was a time spot in the continent’s history that narrated a different story.

It was started on June 17, 1972, when five burglars were arrested from the Democratic

National Committee in the Watergate Complex by the Capitol Police. The cases were somehow switched from the police to the FBI that very morning.

The Watergate scandal might have looked normal in the initial phase, but two of the burglars had some relations with the president serving the country at that time, Nixon. This singular factor in the case erupted fire, and it was already looking like president Nixon was related to this infamous incident.

Nevertheless, the Washington Post flashed the news that one of the burglars had a check signed by E. Howard Hunt. This burglar was connected to Charles Colson, a Special Counsel to President Nixon. You would also be surprised to know that the Chief of Staff Haldeman once described him as “the hitman of the president.” He was known for creating a list that elaborated on Nixon’s Enemies.

The Nixon Tapes that were installed in the Oval Office of the white house now became a smoking gun for the president. You should also be aware of the fact that President Nixon was extremely concerned about the tapes. Not only was he the target, but he could also potentially lose his throne and democratical support.

One of the Tape recordings highlighted the “Haldeman and Nixon discussion over the progress of the FBI’s investigation, especially about the source of money found on the burglars. They proposed advising the CIA to ask the FBI to halt their investigation of the Watergate break-in by claiming it was a national security operation.”

Long story short, the Infamous recording resulted in dethroning Nixon from his seat after the supreme court ruled against the administration’s concerns and ordered the entire tape archive to be immediately delivered to Congress. Nevertheless, you can find many stories and write-ups about the infamous or famous happening of Nixon Tapes. But let me tell you that none of them can really relate to the actual incident that happened and reshaped the history of the USA.

However, if you want to know more about the incident and its history, you can read my book. “From Nixon to the Shah.” The book states the story of the time as it had occurred. The hidden secrets, relations, and politics that were connected to the Nixon Tapes, as well as the Watergate scandal. I, William P. Callahan, was an investigator and intelligence expert at that time and was directly related to the Scandal and the Nixon Tapes. You can uncover the real side of the case and learn many things and secrets to become an expert investigator from my personal experience.

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